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Original Content vs Viral Content

Digital content is a part of our everyday life. Media and marketing is in almost everything we interact with, especially on social platforms. Almost each piece of shared content is a remake, recycled, or originated somewhere else (meme). Games also fall victim to this dilemma. Companies such as Nintendo and Activision re-introduce their own concepts with a new shiny label makes their content outdated compared to other smaller companies looking to break ground with hot or “new” concepts. We discuss our diverse opinions.

Sega & Sonic

Sega and Sonic are a staple name in the video game industry for many people, especially our core gamers. The team is here to talk about Sonic’s new movie and how well it did at the box office. Additionally, we take a deeper dive into Sega as a company and discuss Sega’s current and future position in the gaming market.

Switch Pro

Is it time for Nintendo to Switch it up? We’re here to discuss our point of view on Nintendo’s latest and greatest console. We’ll take a look at some of the reports and speculations about Nintendo’s current console and potential future console in the gaming market. Will the Switch adapt to the market or repeat the Wii U?

Good Ol' Capcom

We discuss and debate one of the oldest video game companies in the industry: CAPCOM. Not only has Capcom influenced our gaming history, it is one of the companies we collectively love regardless of their business choices.

Video Game Industry - 2020

We discuss the video game industry and games coming out in 2020. We explore our predictions, rumors, wants and wishes for 2020. We also debate over which company will kill it in 2020. The team connects their personal lives with the products they love.

Our Current Games (Obsession)

MrAdaminski and Phrog explore and chat about their current games they are obsessing over. We take a deeper dive into their lives and discover how they like to relax when the time is right.

NAMM Expo | with BigCat and MrAdaminski

MrAdaminski is no stranger to the NAMM expo in Anaheim, California, but this was BigCat’s first year attending the event. Half of our crew experienced this year's music merchant expo and they are both here to talk about their experiences at the show. Both had completely different reasons for why they attended, but both had a fantastic time - cue the music!

Call of Duty with Baggage

Activision Blizzard games are a staple name within the industry, and are especially known for games like Call of Duty and Diablo. They consistently produce entertaining games and always top sales charts across the globe. Take this journey with us as we discuss one of the most successful and controversial giants in the industry.

Tales from GameStop

We explore the mystical industries of retail and service with Gedon17 and Phrog. We travel down memory lane as both gamers relive the nightmares from working at GameStop during the tough times and best of times. Along the way, we discover a bit more about Matt and what makes him tick. Prepare to relate!

Game Awards with Gedon17 and Phrog

We analyze the Game Awards 2019! The show launched 12/12/19 and it was very exciting! Listen to our reactions and thoughts on the 2019 award show!

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