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About Us

Introducing your hosts/gamers from oldest to youngest: Jason, Adam, Matt, and Michael.

Hi! My name is Jason a.k.a. Phrog. I started my podcast production studio called Pixel Sneak and I am currently developing my first video game! I've been gaming with my family and friends all my life. My gaming experience range from diverse genres such as; heavy RPG's, competitive shooters, and casual indie games which are my current favorite. I'm also a father-to-be, I love to cook, and I’m excited to create outstanding podcasts with my team!

My name is Adam also known as MrAdaminski. I’m a musician and a gamer. I’ve been working in the musical instrument industry for the past twenty years. That’s more than half my life, but I’ve been a gamer for much longer, about thirty-three years now. I’ve played video games with myself, my family, my friends, and now with my daughters. It’s an amazing experience to see my kids play the games I love. I’m hoping to start writing more music for the Generations podcast as well as music and voiceovers for Pixel Sneak.

What's Good? I am Matt aka Gedon17, I was born and raised in California and have been an avid gamer ever since I could remember. I currently work as a Field manager for an Electronics company that specializes in technology for the home or mobile products. When I'm not working, I am spending time with my Fiance and son, whom also enjoys Video games, and also enjoy cooking, because I love to eat. Jason and I are also partnering together to create video games, so stay tuned! I look forward to sharing my Video game journey with my fellow castmates and you all around the world!

Hi my name is Michael aka BigCat. I am a mental health clinician by day and gamer by night. My free time is spent researching games to apply therapeutically, playing with my three dogs, and spending time with my fiancée. I am excited to be a member of the Generations podcast team! I look forward to being able to hear people’s individual stories while also sharing some of my favorite life memories with my family!

Play Therapy

We discuss play therapy, as defined from the Association for play therapy website:


The Association For Play Therapy defines play therapy as "the systematic use of a theoretical model to establish an interpersonal process wherein trained play therapists use the therapeutic powers of play to help clients prevent or resolve psychosocial difficulties and achieve optimal growth and development."

Simply put, child play therapy is a way of being with the child that honors their unique developmental level and looks for ways of helping in the “language” of the child – play. Licensed mental health professionals therapeutically use play to help their clients, most often children ages three to twenty years, to better express themselves and resolve their problems.


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