Gaming Addiction | Session 2

We explore and discuss Gaming Addiction in a special two-part episode. We scrutinize published articles relating to Gaming Addiction. Online articles from; The Guardian, CBC.CA, and BBC. These hot issues surround an already controversial topic in the gaming industry. We have a very biased opinion regarding gaming addiction and it's loosely labeling of a mental disorder.

Below are a timeline and links relating to important topics we addressed during our episode.

With a basic understanding of these topics, we analyze video game addiction based on published articles.

Gaming addiction classified as disorder by WHO - 5:12
Parents need to be more involved with their kids - 16:00
Canada going after Fortnite - 16:20
Quote from CBC.CA article- 17:09
Gaming Addiction is officially an disorder - 26:42
Gaming Video from the BBC - 31:32

Reference Links:

_Life and Gaming_

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