To Couch or Not to Couch

Do gamers prefer couch gaming with friends or do they want the online multiplayer experience? Do younger gamers know what couch co-op competitive play is and what it truly means? We explore the roots of our multiplayer gaming and how we experienced these fantastic games growing up, on the couch. Then we dive into how online multiplayer gaming has evolved into our lives and families' lives. As an exciting addition, we have a special guest appearance on the show, enter The Chaz. Enjoy!

We begin with our multiplayer roots discussing games such as Goldeneye, Mario Kart, Street Fighter II, and Bomberman. We then move a bit further into our gaming careers with online multiplayer games like Everquest and World of Warcraft. We then learn from each other how these games have shaped our relationships with friends. Each gamer/host debates about what these multiplayer games meant to them. Additionally, we interview a special guest, enter The Chaz.

After The Chaz enlightens us with his perspective, we discuss the current state of live streaming video games on platforms such as Mixer and YouTube, which influences all generations of gamers.  Finally, BigCat provides his insights on both styles of co-op and online competitive gaming.

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