BigCat and Play Therapy

We take a deeper dive into BigCats life and work as a marriage and family therapist. He shares what he is currently working on and passionate about. We discuss his integration of technology with Play Therapy. We find out what drives BigCat to do what he does best. And we hope you’ll learn something new along the way!

A bit about BigCat:

Play therapy means a lot to me because I believe it is the best and only way for children to express and learn about their emotional selves. Technology has been a creative medium for connecting and speaking the child's language but also providing an immersive environment for optimal growth and development. Currently, I work with diverse ages and populations as a mental health clinician. There are various approaches and interventions of play and there is no wrong or right approach as long as it is evidence-based and shows progress for the client. My ultimate goal as a therapist would be to not have a job! It sounds odd but the reason is if there were no clients for me to see then no one would be struggling.

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