Stadia's Hot Mess

Google Stadia Launched November 19th, we’re here to review its launch. Currently, multiple features were not implemented during its launch or are not correctly working or missing; for example "Crowd Play." Stadia did deliver on some of what it promised but unfortunately lacks critical aspects which separatists itself from the competitors.

We discuss Stadia and its rocky launch, timeline for the episode is below.

05:55 - Stadia Internet Requirements and output
08:10 - Xbox Cloud Gaming Service
09:28 - Stadia Missing Features
13:32 - Launch Titles
19:48 - Steaming Quality
22:18 - Extra issues for Stadia on the Go - Mobile
26:00 - Missed Marketing Opportunity
31:10 - Missing the Hardcore gamer appeal
32:28 - What will turn Stadia around
37:50 - Google Shutting Down Services
41:30 - Family Share
44:41 - Closing Thoughts

Reference Links:
Google Stadia
GameXplain - Video

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